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Starting the production of coagulation device within the last quarter of 2010, Farmasina assumed the title of manufacturer.

In the meantime, we were certified as domestic producers and domestic goods. We strengthened the quality policy of our firm with the achievement of ISO 9001/2008 and ISO 13485 certificates in 2011.

Having studies in various hospitals after the production of our first prototype and taking into account the user requests,  we have have made necessary changes to our device in order to make it more efficient and user-friendly.  

By December 2017, more than 180 devices of our firm were used in various state and private hospitals.
When Coalyzer 410 device was named after English terms coagulation and analyzer, Farmasina entered a new era of production and R&D.

Our R&D studies together with Diagnosystem firm will start to produce its first fruits in 2013 and promote our firm to manufacturers in the international arena. In the area of significance given to R&D studies day by day in our country, our firm will continue to its studies and investments to be one of the pioneers in the sector.

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